Islamicly’s Advanced Desktop Portal and Updated App version this Ramadan!

Announcing the launch of Islamicly’s Advanced Desktop Portal and Updated App version this Ramadan!

Pre–launch Sale with Upto 70% DISCOUNT starts this WEEKEND – FRIDAY, 8th May 2020!!

This RAMADAN we are excited to bring you yet another advanced tool to help you maintain your stock market investments in compliance with the noble principles of Shariah and enhance the blessings of this RAMADAN!

Islamicly App is pleased to inform you that we will be releasing the Advanced Desktop platform and Updated App version (both subscription based) this Ramadan along with a super exciting PRE-LAUNCH SALE offering upto 70% DISCOUNT on our regular pricing, just for YOU!

This huge discounted Pre-Launch offer is a humble and special gesture from Team Islamicly only for you – the most active and encouraging existing user of Islamicly who has Alhamdulillah chosen to Invest ISLAMICLY!

It is based on your constant love, feedback and encouragement, that we have developed this enhanced App and Desktop version with all the features, tools and functions that you asked for. Our Desktop Platform will help you keep track your Shariah portfolios with even more ease and help you discover more value Shariah compliant stocks using the various tools given there.

Glimpse of the Web Version

We believe with this release Islamicly will be the most advanced, user friendly, well researched, Shariah scholars backed – Halal stock discovery and management platform available to individual users like you.

It has been a long standing and frequently requested demand from 1000s of Islamicly users that Islamicly be available on the Desktop format as well. Alhamdulillah with your encouragement, we have developed it and we believe it will be the most sophisticated, intuitive Halal stock discovery platform for you to benefit from.

Do not miss the special pre-launch offer starting this weekend offering NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AFTER discounts of upto 70% and many freebies.

Islamicly Pre-launch sales begins this Friday, 8th May, 2020 and will be given to only the first 250 subscribers and will run for only 48 hours!

Do keep an eye for the start of the offer prices and grab the offer before it vanishes.

Islamicly is a unique initiative bringing you path breaking never before available information which aims to make your Shariah compliant lifestyle management simpler, accurate and on the go.

Being a user of Islamicly App, we are sure you are already aware of the unmatched quality of research provided and the earnest and transparent endeavor of our team to bring you the most accurate Shariah compliance information in the most accessible manner. Our premium version takes that a couple of levels up with even more enhanced features and tools.

Having a good membership base is important for us as it will encourage us to keep up the hustle to bringing you the most advanced technology and cutting edge research tools for a hassle free Shariah compliance experience.

We humbly hope to see your optimistic participation in our pioneering initiative to progress Shariah compliance through technology by subscribing to ISLAMICLY!

Remember the date - 8th May 2020 and the day- Friday- Yes this Friday- 14th/15th of Ramadan.

From 15th of May, all features of Islamicly will be available to only our premium subscribers.
A reduced functionality free version will always be available.
See the table below for a comparison:

This pre-launch sales exclusively for our existing users is Islamicly RAMADAN GIFT.

Do grab the offer and keep investing ISLAMICLY!

Few Words About Us!!

"I want to thank everyone who has worked and is working on it. I found such an app. Once I wrote something like "Halal stock app" on Google and downloaded Islamicly. Now it is easy for me to determine which stock is Sharia compliant or not with this app! Green is permitted, Red is haram, Purify dividends, Changes in compliance, and all other features what exactly I was looking for.
This is a great investment in the financial knowledge of the Ummah. Assalamualaikum and thank you for this App"

Mr. Abdul Rashid

lsamicly is a very good app and it helps me lot in my trading business and it is very helpful in finding or winning shariah compliant stocks which I am managing in quite, few numbers of stocks. It is very transparent and it provides us many information on the app and Inshallah and as I understood that you will offer us the web portal as well and I am pretty looking for it to wait so that I can have many things to be screened on the portal Inshallah. Thank you very much, Thank you for making the app for inshallah, Allah Subhanahu wa Talala bless you all Inshallah​

Mr. Ahmad Sufi Hassan

"I am currently Active Trader for mainly US Stocks Market, so I like Islamicly because its features How they update App daily so easy for me to find stocks for Shariah Screening and they provide me clear information about How for me As not understanding about Shariah but I can understand How they screen the Shariah information in this App so I clearly know How about 5% purification and how to set the portfolio for me and this is helpful for me to find shariah stocks.
That`s All. I love Islamicly"

Mr. Hairul Azizi

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