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How to use Islamicly App- Step by Step Guide

Use Islamicly App- Step by Step Guide

How to use Islamicly App- Step by Step Guide Source: blog.islamicly.com

Hello! We are glad, you are excited and eager to use our new Islamicly app for all your halal trading and investment needs. At Islamicly, we are proud to have a one stop platform for all our Muslim brothers and Shariah sensitive investors who want to engage in Shariah compliant equity investments. This app has been designed to assist the investors to find out Shariah Compliant Stocks of their choice and to help them track performance of their stocks by creating portfolios. So, let us take you through a brief tour of the Islamicly app. Here you will learn:

1. How to search for Shariah compliant stocks?

2. How to create a portfolio?

3. How to interact with other users through forum?

Islamicly is available on both; the android and iOS platforms and you can download it for free.

Set Up Your Account

Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is to launch it on your mobile device. It asks for a login id. You can simply register through your Facebook or Google account!

You will be asked to give your country details and then the app will take you through a short automated guide about the features of the app.

After this, you have to click on GET STARTED.

Home Screen

The home screen gives you a brief idea of the various sections in the app. In one view it gives you a snapshot of all your activity on Islamicly.

i. First, you can select the market you are interested in. Say you are based in Malaysia or United Kingdom and are interested in the Shariah compliant stocks listed in Malaysia or United Kingdom, you can click on the blue bar and select your market from there. Once you select a market, you will be shown stocks in that market only. Yes, you can select multiple markets as well.

ii. Then you can see a white search bar. Here you can search for any stock either by name, or sector or stock exchange etc. as you can see.

Upon clicking on the search bar, you will get a page where you can:

1. Select the markets from where you want to search your stock.

2. Select the currency in which you would like to see the stock prices

As soon as you select the Country, you will get the universe corresponding to that market. To see all of them, you may scroll down or if you want to search for a specific stock, you can do so by searching with name, ticker, etc. You could also change the currency to view the price and holdings related information’s in currency of your choice. Let me select the Country as Saudi Arabia and you can see that all stocks listed in the Saudi Market appear.

Let me search Al Rajhi Bank. You can see below, the result showing the snap short of Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp SJSC. Once you click on the green tile it will show you four options:

1. Flip Back: Takes you back to the tile

2. View: Helps you see the full details of the stock

3. Purify: Shows you how much purification needs to be done

4. Portfolio: You can directly add this stock to one of your existing portfolios or create a new portfolio and add this stock.

Let us check by clicking on “view”. All the stock details appear on this screen such as:

- Full name of the stock
- Last closing price
- % increase or decrease in price

- Holding: This shows how many stocks of this company you are holding in your portfolio. If this is N/A, it means you have not added any holding number for this stock. You can add your holdings for this stock by clicking on the “holding text”.

- The purification ratio
- A brief description of the stock
- a conscience chart of the stock performance

If you want to discuss more on the stock with other users on the app, you can click “start discussion” and post your comment or question

So the home Screen also has the following features: All your portfolios can be seen on top as labelled by you when creating the portfolio. You can also see each portfolio’s compliance % status and the number of stcoks held in the same.

The pie chart on the left shows you the percentage of stocks that are Shariah compliant, in your country.

The purple box that shows the number of stocks that are Shariah compliant in your market.

The small blue box on the right shows you the number of stocks that changed compliance in your market compared to yesterday. If you click on it, it will take you to the changes list and you may add some of these stocks to your portfolio, if you wish.

The big blue box on the right gives you a snapshot of how you are performing. It gives you the currency of display, the number of stocks you are holding, the value of your holding and the % increase or decrease in your stock holdings.

You may select the currency in which you want to see all your holdings Add stocks, edit the number of stocks held and input the price at which you bought them.


At the top of the home screen, under the search bar, you can view all your portfolios that you may have created. If you want to create your first portfolio, you can do the same from here.

How to Create a Portfolio?

At the top of the home screen, under the search bar, you can view all your portfolios that you may have created. If you want to create your first portfolio, you can do the same from here.

Step 1: Tap on the ‘Create Portfolio’ option.

Step 2: The app will ask you to give a portfolio name. Type in your portfolio name and submit. Then it will ask you to choose a country name from where stocks can be displayed for adding to this portfolio. As soon as you choose the country, the stocks for that market starts showing.

Step 3: You may then need to select the stock(s) that you want to add to be a part of this portfolio.

Now, on the portfolio page, you can see your newly added portfolio.

How to add more Stocks to your existing portfolio?

From the home page, click on the portfolio in which you want to add more stocks. You will see the portfolio home page which will display:

1. Number of stocks from your current portfolio that changed compliance today and the number of stocks within your current portfolio which are compliant and non-compliant as on today.

2. The Number of stocks held in this portfolio

3. The currency of display

4. The current value of holdings in this portfolio and the % change in value of your entire portolio from the day the stocks were included in this portfolio.

5. You can see the tiles of the stocks that are part of the portfolio with their compliance colour.

At the bottom of the page, you can see a + sign. This feature lets you add more stocks to this portfolio. Click on that and select the country of your choice. Now, you will be directed to a page that has all the stocks listed in that country. You can choose any specific stock or stocks and tap on the “Add stocks” option on the bottom.

Here you need to click on the stock(s) which you want to add and hence you will see the mark “✔” on that stock. Now the stock is added to your portfolio. Please note, while adding any stock to your portfolio, please do not deselect the existing stocks, else, it will get removed from your portfolio.

Now, when you go back to your portfolio, you will see the new stocks there.

How to delete your portfolio or your stocks on the app?

To delete any stock from your portfolio, tap on it. You will see four options appearing upon the flip of the tile.. You can tap on “Remove” option. You will get a message asking for confirmation. Click on “Yes”. Your stock is removed

To delete a portfolio, you will have to go back to your “My Portfolios” screen and click on the drop down option by the side of your portfolio name. At the bottom, you will see the option to rename or delete your portfolio.

Confirm your action by clicking on “Yes”. Your portfolio is deleted.


This segment will give you the information of all markets by default and you would be able to see stocks by scrolling down. All the stocks covered by the Islamicly are shown here and you need scroll down to see.

You can search stocks with the help of the search option, and filter by particular markets and currency from the drop downs.

To find stocks from a particular market, edit the country name and to change the display currency, you need to select the same from the dropdown “Select Currency”. For more advanced search, you can click the orange circle icon


We have also kept a section called Forum, where you can check out our articles, blogs, discussions and stock related information. In the discussion section, you can find or post your queries and get answers to them. Click on the + option from the base to add your new thread or discussion.


Lastly, you have the profile section where you can update information about yourself. You can have a look at your holdings, purification history, the stocks you follow and you can also give a feedback.

On the Profile page, we have kept an option of “Screening requests” where you can put up a request to check for Shariah compliance of any stock which might not be covered by our current screening.

Shariah Certificate

On the profile section, you can view the Shariah certification of Islamicly, the names of the Shariah scholars who have certified Islamicly as a Shariah compliant app and a video of what they feel about Islamicly! For more information on the Islamicly app and regular updates, stay hooked to this space! We hope that Islamicly fulfils all your aspirations with respect to Shariah compliant investing!

On the Profile page, we have kept an option of “Screening requests” where you can put up a request to check for Shariah compliance of any stock which might not be covered by our current screening.

Here is the link to download Islamicly App

Do watch what one of the pioneering scholar of Islamic finance says about Islamicly here: