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Team Islamicly Club Meetup in Kuala
Lumpur Malaysia: February 2020

Team Islamicly Club Meetup

Last week, Team Islamicly Made a tour for Malaysia to conduct an in person meet up of its users to discuss how they found Islamicly app.

The aim of the meet up was to meet its users in Malaysia in an informal get together and get to know what the users felt about Islamicly. It was a very successful event attended by users from all over the country.

The event was organized for all the valuable users of Islamicly app in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the features of the app, its viability and usefulness for Shariah sensitive retail investors and how Islamicly is helping people in their Shariah compliant equity investment goals! In this meetup, we had also discussed how to use the app effectively and efficiently and how a user can get maximum benefit by using the app.

Things discussed in the Islamicly Club Kuala Lumpur meet up:

• How Islamicly app works

• How to find Halal Stocks hassle free on Islamicly

• How to monitor your invested stocks to know changes in their Shariah compliance on the app.

• How to create a portfolio of your interested stocks

• How to map your stocks with the app to know how many stocks in your portfolio are HALAL.

• Sneak peak into the upcoming features of Islamicly!

For those of you who missed the session, we would like to get you up to speed on the Kuala Lumpur event.

Team Islamicly reached Malaysia and conducted an event that comprised of different sections of users of Islamicly.

To name a few, the sessions involved a discussion around on how to finding HALAL stocks, tips on using Islamicly App and how to make better use of the Islamicly app experience effectively and efficiently.

A group of 50 users of Islamicly turned up to attend the program and we were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and sincerity in interacting with us.

The program was held at Hotel Arenaa Star, Kuala Lumpur at 6:45 pm on 18th Feb 2020.

It started with a brief introduction about team Islamicly and then the opening remarks were made by our Co-founder, Mr. Abdul Hadi Shaikh.

The program saw a break for Magrib Namaz. After the prayers were offered, the program resumed.

Mr. Abdul Hadi took the audience through the entire process of the app functionalities and shared some amazing tips on how to use it effectively and what all can be done through the app.

Some of our exciting features that will be coming up on the app were also discussed in an interactive manner with the users.

See a brief video of the Islamicly Club meeting at Kuala Lumpur here.

It was exhilarating to see the audience taking keen interest in the program which boosted our enthusiasm as well.

What also made us happy and proud was the fact that so many Muslim ladies turned up at the event and they were showing great interest in having such an app to find HALAL Stocks and trade in equities according to the Shariah Principles.

The audience, especially the female audience, was very inquisitive and asked a number of quality questions regarding the app, its functionality and its credibility.

Majority of the audience were active traders, while a few of them were new. However, all were using Islamicly App to find HALAL Stocks to make their investments Shariah Compliant.

Our team was very pleased to answer each and every question in detail and we hope we have been able to answer all their queries. Team Islamicly has also put some questions to the audience and the response received from them was quite encouraging.

As a team, we were very happy to receive such an awesome response from the audience which was also amazingly happy to know such an app was now available to help them find shariah stocks.

In this session, we also announced about upcoming launch of the web-based version and the audience welcomed the idea with a huge round of applause and a standing ovation! They shared with us the fact that this version would enhance their experience in helping to find HALAL Stocks with greater ease.

Team Islamicly had dinner with its users and enjoyed some delicious Malaysian food!

We also had a photo session and recorded feedback from our users.

The program was concluded with a thank you speech and distribution of mementos to each of the attendees.

We are totally thrilled with the amazing response and feedback that has encouraged each member of our team to give in the best to make Islamicly even better. You could be our next respected guest in the upcoming events. Please keep coming back to this blog and stay updated about all our plans and activities.

But, this was not all!

Apart from this event, our team also visited the Securities Commission of Malaysia to attend the IFN Islamic FINTECH Event on the 19th of Feb 2020 where we were invited by IFN- Islamic Finance News.

Various Companies with novel Shariah Compliant ideas had also participated in the IFN Islamic Fintech event and we also came across some very energetic young entrepreneurs who are building exciting FINTECH products for Shariah sensitive users!

This gave us encouragement that a huge Islamic FINTECH ecosystem is evolving and Islamicly is contributing to this evolution!

At the IFN Islamic Fintech event, Islamicly’s co-founder, delivered an outstanding speech on the vision of Islamicly App in front of an audience of investors, entrepreneurs and CEOs of various Islamic FINTECH companies as well as representatives from the Securities Commission of Malaysia and MDEC

While in Kuala Lumpur, we were also invited by local corporations who expressed interest in promoting our initiative:

1- Value Investing College: We met the good folks here and were happy to find out about the excellent work they were doing in helping people get trained with skills in equity trading. We hope to have a fruitful collaboration with them.

2- FINTERRA – We also visited the beautiful office of Finterra and got to learn about the exciting stuff they are doing in Islamic Waqf management.

3- While still in Kuala Lumpur we were fortunate to have evinced interest from a popular local publication Majalah Labur which ran a discussion on Islamicly! Our Co-founder Mr. Abdul Hadi had a cordial introductory telephonic conversation with Mr. Eza Ezamie at Majalah Labur and had very nice discussion elaborating about the strengths and pedigree of Islamicly.

Our discussion will not be complete if we do not talk about Malaysia and its beauty!

The country of Malaysia is stunningly beautiful and we enjoyed a lot - roaming around to conduct events, attending the programs and meeting with individual companies.

We were very attracted to visit all the historical places in Malaysia too, but due to time constraint, we could manage to visit only Petronas Twin tower and were happy to click a pic for you 🙂

All’s well that ends well

Team Islamicly had a great experience in Malaysia, conducting the gathering – “Islamicly KL Meet Up” for its users and participating in the event organized by Islamic Finance News and meeting the wonderful people of Malaysia. We enjoyed ourselves having good Malaysian food, visiting beautiful streets, interacting with amazing people and getting impressed by the Islamic culture there.

You love Islamicly App and we love you too!

Here is the link to download Islamicly App

Do watch what one of the pioneering scholar of Islamic finance says about Islamicly here: